About Got BizSense

Our goal as a software services company is to provide the best business value for your money. We have seen companies spend millions of dollars and years of development only to ask themselves the question, “Did we choose the right platform, software product, or vendor?”

We believe in lean and agile methods. Businesses should be able to quickly deliver the features and be able to pivot or persevere based on real data. A minimum viable product (MVP) should not be something that takes months and years to build. MVP should not replace existing products with one that is of less value to customers.

Your employees are not dispensable resources. If you have a team, we help them with our expertise so that they can get up to speed and be more productive. If you cannot afford a team, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution.

Our Journey

Got BizSense LLC was founded in 2014 and is based out of Dallas, Texas. The customers who work with us love us for our commitment to solve their problems in an effective way. We believe in a long-term relationship, which means your long term success.

Our Leadership

Shagul Khajamohideen
Executive & Engineering Leader

Shagul Khajamohideen is the founding director and chief technologist at Got BizSense. He is a technology leader focused on providing the best value for the clients. He has vast experience in delivering solutions to various industries such as staffing industries, healthcare, education, and telecommunication. He has been in technology consulting since 2007.

Shagul holds a MS in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Shaheen Kazi
Operations Leader

Shaheen Kazi earned her Bacherlor's in Science, Technology, and International Affairs from Georgetown University, where she also continued to complete her Master's in Public Policy.  She previously worked for the Environmental Protection Agency where she oversaw the implementation of environmentally preferable purchasing practices for federal agencies.  She is proficient in five languages including Spanish and Chinese.  She enjoys working with clients to help them achieve their goals, and is responsible for the internal operations of GotBiz Sense and providing strategic advice.