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We strive to understand your need and provide the solution that is appropriate for you. We guide you until you are self-sufficient. We have rescued a great number of projects and have also built solid ones. Don’t Replace Your Team. We can help. We have integrated with many systems.

Custom Development

We provide custom application development using various platforms and technologies and deliver them in SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Private and Hybrid models. We can also help with your DevOps and long term IT Strategy. We can ease your application Performance Monitoring and Tuning concerns.


Outdated And Unsecured – Your Application Is A Sitting Duck

Companies with revenues in the millions and even billio

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The blow from anonymous Glassdoor reviews can have seri

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Modular Monolith

Liferay: In A Serverless and Microservices Era

In the era of microservices and serverless architecture

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Modular Design

OSGi Adoption and Liferay

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